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Indoor attractions

Published: June 25, 2018

Vilas County is known for its forests, trails, and lakes, but there’s plenty to do indoors as well. From intriguing museums to craft beverage spots,…

Vilas County public land guide

Published: February 28, 2018

Ever dream about owning a beautiful piece of property up north? We have some good news: you do! Nearly 43 percent of Vilas County is…

Get the app!

Published: January 24, 2018

Vilas County has some of the best snowmobile trails in the Northwoods, and we have a free tool that will help you explore them! For…

Vilas County Ice Fishing Tournaments

Published: January 11, 2018

This winter, Vilas County is the place to go for big fun and big prizes. Ice fishing season is in full swing and there are…

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Festive Vilas County events

Published: November 2, 2017

The good times never stop in Vilas County; our communities know how to enjoy every season and there’s always something fun to enjoy. On any…

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Late season trail hikes

Published: October 4, 2017

The final weeks of the fall hiking season can be some of the most rewarding. Vilas County’s trails will take you through strands of maples,…

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Fall fishing

Published: September 13, 2017

Vilas County has more than 1,300 lakes, 73 rivers, and streams and it owns four state fishing records. But there’s more to fishing here than…

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Unforgettable fall golfing

Published: August 17, 2017

Keep your eye on the ball. That might be a tall order when you’re on the golf course this fall in in Vilas County. The…