Grandpa Zdralevich’s place on Rest Lake

Published: April 5, 2016

Joe Zdralevich ( my grandpa) had a awesome place in rest lake. When he passed, his 3 kids thought it would be best to sell as it was expensive to upkeep. They all still ran Merichkas Restaurant in Crest Hill, IL. Now that we grandkids are grown and have our old families, I really miss it. We had ski boat, fishing boats, snowmobiles. Lots of lakefront, wet boathouse. Probably worth 10x what they got for it. I have dreams I sneak in there when the new owners are gone. (I would never do that!) Lots of great memories. Learned to water ski, snowmobile from bar to bar, went horseback riding , Jim Peck’s wildwood, had deer feeders. So much fun my kids will never experience. The pic is me from the late 80’s.