Growing Up [North]

Published: April 11, 2016

School’s out and that means it’s time to head to Eagle River where I would spend a majority of my time. The cabin shaped me into the person I am today, my love for the outdoors and my independence was embedded in me as I would spend my days exploring with my best pal, a yellow lab named Casey, roaming side by side (I’d share my secrets with her because she never told anyone!). Picking raspberries along the dirt road, jumping off the dock into the Chain O’ Lakes, and sitting by a fire at the end of the day with my family was how we liked to spend our time. As I grew up, my time spent in Eagle River decreased but my love for the serenity of the Northwoods grew stronger. Once I headed to college it went from months up north to weeks. Now that I’ve graduated I look forward to my annual Daddy and Daughter week at the cabin. No memories are more special to me than fishing with my best friend, who still puts up with my fear of taking the fish off the hook 23 years later! This photo is my dad and I fishing on the chain from a few years back. Our smiles say it all, nothing beats a good day fishing. My cabin will always be my second home no matter where life takes me.