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My largest walleye ice fishing

Published: January 19, 2021

My husband and I were at our cabin in Vilas county for a long weekend. He was planning to do some ice fishing and catch the Packer game at a local bar.
Friday night we went to Gooches 2 for a great fish fry and to see some old friends and the new building.
We fished a small lake Saturday morning and caught a few perch. Around noon we took a drive to decide what lake to fish Sunday. My husband has a few favorites and I guess he picked the right one. On our way back to our cottage we stopped at the Burnt Bridge near Conover and watched the Packers. Great time and great people to enjoy the game with.
Sunday afternoon we packed up and headed to the lake we chose. There was about an hour and a half before sunset so my husband was in a hurry to get all set up. Before we had all of our tip ups in I had caught a few nice perch, all out of the same hole.
While jigging, my line broke so my husband tied a new hook. The flag popped up on the same tip up as earlier, I was sure it would be another perch.
As soon as I felt the pull I knew it was something better. As the head came into the hole I was in shock. Just as I pulled it up the line broke. So I had to grab it before he went back in.
That is the largest walleye I have ever caught through the ice.

We love Vilas county!