Golfing in Plum Lake

Summer recreation in Vilas County

Published: April 7, 2021

Every summer, it’s game on in Vilas County. From golf to horseshoes, there are a ton of ways to experience fresh air and fun, whether you care about keeping score or not. All you need are some playing partners and the desire to have a good time in the Northwoods.

Here’s a sample of things to do this summer: 


One of the most iconic golf courses in the Northwoods sits in the heart of Vilas County. Plum Lake Golf Course in Sayner-Star Lake dates to 1909 and the course remains beautifully unchanged from its earliest days. Surrounded by gorgeous forest, you might even see a few deer walking the fairways or a bald eagle soaring overhead when you’re out on the course. A historic 1923 clubhouse helps make the experience even more memorable. The course was voted the best 9-hole course in Wisconsin.

Disc golf

Disc golfers will find two beautiful spots to play in Vilas County. The first course is in Eagle River, located behind Northland Pines High School, and is open when the school is not in session. The second course is located at Brandy Lake Park, is new to the Minocqua area and managed by the Arbor Vitae-Woodruff Brandy Park Commission. 


This fast-growing sport combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong, and there are several places to play in Vilas County. In Land O’ Lakes, you’ll find an indoor court available at the Land O’ Lakes Elementary School Gym, 6485 Town Hall Road. Eagle River also has outdoor courts at Riverview Park and an active league. The tennis courts in Sayner are also marked for pickleball use, and finally, there are courts available at the Boulder Junction Community Sports & Recreation Area.


Some summer games never get old. People have been throwing horseshoes in Vilas County about as long as they’ve been traveling here, and you’ll find horseshoe pits at many of our resort properties. There are also pits at Hunter Lake Beach, a park on the south side of Hunter Lake in the Town of Conover. If you’re feeling competitive, there’s a horseshoe tournament every summer at the Vilas County Fair.


You’ll find tennis courts throughout the county. Locations include: